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SVE Instruction to get index of first true element


in SVE, I can use `svcmpeq_u64` to compare two svuint64_t vectors. The result is a `svbool_t` predicate. Now, I can use `svlastb_` functions to extract the element itself. However, as I am implementing a linear search using SVE, I am not interested in the element itself (I know what I am searching for), but the _index_ of the first true match in the svbool_t returned by the comparison function.

I was not able to find any function that gives me the index of the first true element in a svbool_t. In x86 SSE, for example, I can create a movemask and count trailing zeros to index my comparison results. In NEON, I can do the same by using an emulated movemask function, but I don't know how to do it natively in NEON. How would I do this on SVE?

Thank you so much for your help.