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forge for 32-bit Execution states (Aarch32)

Hello, I am using 32-bit Execution states on Armv8-A architecture. I would like to do profiling using forge MAP but forge doesnt support on AArch32.

./forge: Your machine uses the armv8l architecture but this Arm Forge installation is for the aarch64 architecture.

"Arm MAP is cross-platform and can run on your laptop, the latest supercomputer, and tomorrow's upcoming architectures. It supports 64-bit Armv8, x86_64, knl, and ppc64le." 

I guess it does support Armv8 architecture but 64bit Execution states. Does arm have any profiling tool for  32-bit Execution states? 

  • Hello,

    Thank you for your post.

    > forge doesnt support on AArch32.
    Yes. Unfortunately Forge supports AArch64 but not AArch32.

    > Does arm have any profiling tool for 32-bit Execution states?
    Arm has Streamline which is included in some editions of Arm Development Studio [1].

    Although I can't provide any further advice on this, you may find a 32-bit version Linux Perf useful too.

    Best Regards,
    Tim Duthie