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How to tell DDT Express Launch what "variant" MPI to use?

Recently for some reason, I've been having issues with DDT and Express Launch. It used to work but then...something changed and now it does. For example, if I do this:

ddt -connect mpirun -np 96 ./GEOSgcm.x

on more than one node, the resulting DDT launch stalls out. I see it launch on the first node (45 of the 96 processes), but then things halt and it's stuck there. 

But if I do:

ddt -connect ./GEOSgcm.x

and then set things up manually it works.

The one difference is that the Express Launch chose "Intel MPI (MPMD)" and I manually chose "Intel MPI". (I believe there are three Intel MPI possibilities?)

So I'm wondering, is there an environment variable or something I can use to let Arm Forge know that "if you detect Intel MPI, please choose 'Intel MPI' and not 'Intel MPI (MPMD)'"?