Small Super Computer

Summary:  Find or possibly create a minimal processor board to use for parallel processing.

Inspiration:  The inspiration of this project is the Parallella board by Adapteva.  Being succinct, a credit card sized board with 16 working cores for $99. Use an Ethernet interface and connect N boards for as many processors as you can handle.  Later versions went to 64 then 1024 cores.   They were not successful, but the time is ripe.  The image is of their board.  Look at the Ethernet connector to see the relative size of the board.

Concept:  Find or build a small board that is a hardware support package for a multi-core processor.  Limit the capabilities, and the size, to just the processors and a method to communicate with it.  That means something like the following chips on a small circuit card:  1) Processor, 2) boot rom, 3: memory, 4) Ethernet controller and connector.

There is much more to be said, but for a starter I hope this will do.

Have you any thoughts on this concept?