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Does Mali GPU has shared(local) memory in one shader core for compute pipline? How can i access it?

1、I got that in opengl graphics pipline, we can use pixel local storage to shared from each threads

2、I got that from opencl developer guide, opencl __local is not implement for arm mali gpu

3、I also got that, Mali GPUs do not implement dedicated on-chip shared memory for compute shaders. 

So, developer can not use shared memory in compute pipline? Or does some have a good idea for use the shared memory? I think the shared memory is very important for hpc optimization.

  • You can use workgroup shared memory, so work items in a compute shader can exchange data during workgroup execution. This is not backed by a dedicated local RAM, it is just normal load/store cache backing system memory.

    Therefore the important thing for Mali is to avoid copying read-only data from global memory to local memory - it just pollutes the cache and will make performance worse.