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Incorrect multiview gl_ViewID_OVR in new driver.

Hi, we're using multi-view feature:

And found out lately gl_ViewID_OVR gives incorrect value in shaders. (viewnum=2, gives 1 for framebuffer 0 and 0 for framebuffer 1)

The same feature renders fine in adreno gpu and before upgrading this MTK device,  here's the device and driver info:

GL_VERSION: OpenGL ES 3.2 v1.r26p0-01eac0.68c14a7b7e23f70b086cfe1087ab58a4

GlVersion: OpenGL ES 3.2 v1.r26p0-01eac0.68c14a7b7e23f70b086cfe1087ab58a4
AndroidVersion: 11
DeviceMake: OPPO
DeviceBuildNumber: PDCM00_11_L.01
Hardware: MT6885Z/CZA

Device: Oppo reno 3, Color OS 11.1, Android 11

  • Hi Sindney:

    Thanks for reporting this issue. It is a known issue, present in r17p0-r28p0 driver releases. It has been fixed in r29p0 release. As a workaround we can recommend to detect r17-r28 driver versions, and swap the views manually in the app or after the pass rendering to the textures. There is of course the option of not using multi-view.