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Want to configure WDT interrupt as NMI using the GICC_PMR register


I am using GIC 600. I am doing one experiment. 

Problem statement: When the core runs a critical section by disabling interrupt (ie I and F bit from CPSR), and is stuck somewhere, then HW trigger as interrupt disable

Approach :

Want to make WDT as NMI by setting GICC_PMR register.

Configured all interrupt priority as 0x20 and WDT has priority 2. GICC PMR register set as 1

Instead of disabling the I and F bit from CPSR, set the PMR register.

For mask interrupt: GICC_PMR = 0x1

For unmasking interrupt: GICC_PMR = 0xF8

Facing issue:

While running the critical section(PMR value was 1), SGI came and was in a pending state. When it exits from the critical section, the written value (GICC_PMR = 0xF8) is successful but the IRQ handler is not called for that pending SGI

Sample code for writing PMR value

__asm volatile("DSB ISHST");
__asm volatile ( "MCR p15, 0, %0, c4, c6, 0" :: "r"(PMRValue) );
__asm volatile ( "DSB SY" );