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μVision 5 and STM32Cube issues

I have an API file from a company that makes sensors. The idea is they provide a bare bones software that you can either use as is or modify to suit your needs. I'm tyring to build their μvision project and I've made some progress finally (the company says there is no documentation or instructions and likely won't be any time soon). Managed to use cube MX to generate a μVision 5 project that I understand created an axf file and added a section of code to my original project.

The problem is that it didn't generate the three files there. The folder doesn't exist and neither do the files. Naturally I'm getting 'file not found' errors. The path listed in the options for the files are





Now, I DO have files by those names under




Changing the path seems to work for that. I'm getting a bunch of errors that I don't think are related but how do I change the path that Generate Code uses to stop this from happening in the future?