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Arm compiler 6 - How to get linker section info? Execution base address and size


I'm using compiler version 6 and building M55 image for FVP SSE-300-MPS3.

I would like to get section actual size using the are arm linker auto generated variables and use it in c code.


I'm using ARM scatter file below but can't get the correct info.

here is sample scatter file with 3 regions.

    dtcm.bin        0x20000000                  0x00060000
        ; Any R/W and/or zero initialised data
        .ANY(+RW +ZI)

    ; 32 kiB of stack space within the DTCM region. See
    ; `dtcm.bin` for the first section. Note: by virtue of
    ; being part of DTCM, this region is only accessible
    ; from Cortex-M55. We use the last DTCM bank
    ARM_LIB_STACK   0x20060000 EMPTY ALIGN 8    0x00008000

c main code part.

extern unsigned int Image$$ARM_LIB_STACK$$Length;
extern unsigned int Image$$ARM_LIB_STACK$$Base;
extern unsigned int Image$$ARM_LIB_STACK$$Limit;

extern unsigned int Image$$dtcm$$Length;
extern unsigned int Image$$dtcm$$Base;
extern unsigned int Image$$dtcm$$Limit;

extern unsigned int Image$$dtcm_ZI$$Length;
extern unsigned int Image$$dtcm_ZI$$Base;
extern unsigned int Image$$dtcm_ZI$$Limit;
int main(int argc, char **argv)

	printf("The ARM_LIB_STACK section Length 0x%x Base 0x%x  Limit 0x%x \n", Image$$ARM_LIB_STACK$$Length, (unsigned int)&Image$$ARM_LIB_STACK$$Base, (unsigned int)Image$$ARM_LIB_STACK$$Limit);
	printf("The dtcm section Length 0x%x Base 0x%x  Limit 0x%x  \n", Image$$dtcm$$Length, (unsigned int)&Image$$dtcm$$Base, (unsigned int)Image$$dtcm$$Limit);
	printf("The dtcm_ZI section Length 0x%x Base 0x%x  Limit 0x%x  \n", Image$$dtcm_ZI$$Length, (unsigned int)&Image$$dtcm_ZI$$Base, (unsigned int)Image$$dtcm_ZI$$Limit);

The map file out put indicates the following:

Execution Region ARM_LIB_STACK (Exec base: 0x20060000, Load base: 0x00003b98, Size: 0x00008000, Max: 0x00008000, ABSOLUTE)

Execution Region dtcm (Exec base: 0x20000000, Load base: 0x00003b80, Size: 0x00000014, Max: 0xffffffff, ABSOLUTE)

Execution Region dtcm_ZI (Exec base: 0x20000014, Load base: 0x00003b94, Size: 0x00008b10, Max: 0xffffffff, ABSOLUTE)

The output of the my code is as follw:

The ARM_LIB_STACK section Length  0x20068000 Base 0x20060000  Limit 0xdfdfdfcf
The dtcm section                      Length  0x1ddd         Base 0x20000000  Limit 0x0
The dtcm_ZI section                 Length 0x20068000  Base 0x20000014  Limit 0x0

Any idea how can I get the actual size of the regions? e.g. for dtcm_ZI size