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Behaviour of GIC600 in case of 1 of N feature

Working on 1 of N feature on GIC600. System has 4 core which is divided into two class
Class 1: 1,2
Class 0: 0,3

Testing below scenario:
1) Core 2 in sleep state
2) Core 1 disable the interrupt(IRQ and FIQ) and enter into while(1) loop.
3) SPI interrupt trigger
4) Interrupt wait for core 1, it is not waking up the core 2.

When both core 1 and 2 are in sleep then it wakeup one core and serve the interrupt. My expection is to wakeup the core 2 and serve the interrupt. For that tried 2 ways
1) Change the class of core 1 from class1 to class0
2) Setting the DPG value to 1 for core 1

Both ways not working, SPI interrupt wait for core1. Please help me