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migrating Arria V SoC bare metal app from developer kit to custom board


I'm new to bare metal programming and FPGA's.

I started by learning a little bit on the Arria V SoC developer kit from online resources and executed a bare metal "hello world" program using a preloader (first stage only without uboot) built by bsp-editor GUI.


My next task is to import that "hello world" into a custom board with Arria V SoC (arm cortex a9).

I need some guidance regarding how and from where to start.


- Which base config files I can use "as is" and which I need to modify.

- Can I use the same build tools and procedure as I worked with the devkit?

- What I need to do in order to "port" my built preloader to the new custom board?

- Any further help is much appreciated (when you don't know you don't know what to ask)


Thank you very much.