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Problems with installing Linux Distributions on Armv-A Base AEM FVP Platforms

Hi, I followed the official document [Install and boot a Linux distribution on Armv-A Base AEM FVP Platforms]( to install a Debian distribution on AEM FVP.

However, the booting procedure failed at "Detecting hardware to find CD-ROM drivers" -> "No common CD-ROM drive was detected".

I'd like to ask what is the problem?

The following is my FVP command:


Executing Model Command:
./Base_RevC_AEMvA_pkg/models/Linux64_GCC-9.3/FVP_Base_RevC-2xAEMvA -C pctl.startup= -C bp.secure_memory=0 -C cluster0.NUM_CORES=4 -C cluster1.NUM_CORES=4 -C cache_state_modelled=0 -C bp.pl011_uart0.untimed_fifos=1 -C bp.pl011_uart0.unbuffered_output=1 -C bp.pl011_uart0.out_file=aemfvp-a/uart0-1666771315864906873.log -C bp.pl011_uart1.out_file=aemfvp-a/uart1-1666771315864906873.log -C bp.secureflashloader.fname=output/aemfvp-a/aemfvp-a/tf-bl1.bin -C bp.flashloader0.fname=output/aemfvp-a/aemfvp-a/fip-uefi.bin -C bp.ve_sysregs.mmbSiteDefault=0 -C bp.ve_sysregs.exit_on_shutdown=1 -C bp.virtioblockdevice.image_path=/home/chuqi/Projects/test-proj/third-parties/debian-10.12.0-arm64-netinst.iso -C bp.hostbridge.interfaceName=tap0 -C bp.smsc_91c111.enabled=true -C bp.smsc_91c111.mac_address=00:02:F7:EB:88:9E -C pci.ahci_pci.ahci.image_path=/home/chuqi/Projects/test-proj/third-parties/aemfvp-a_workspace/satadisk/1283.satadisk
terminal_0: Listening for serial connection on port 5000
terminal_1: Listening for serial connection on port 5001
terminal_2: Listening for serial connection on port 5002
terminal_3: Listening for serial connection on port 5003

Info: FVP_Base_RevC_2xAEMvA: FVP_Base_RevC_2xAEMvA.bp.flashloader0: FlashLoader: Loaded 2681 kB from file 'output/aemfvp-a/aemfvp-a/fip-uefi.bin'

Info: FVP_Base_RevC_2xAEMvA: FVP_Base_RevC_2xAEMvA.bp.secureflashloader: FlashLoader: Loaded 36 kB from file 'output/aemfvp-a/aemfvp-a/tf-bl1.bin'

Warning: FVP_Base_RevC_2xAEMvA: ErrorBlock: Simulator only error message was sent by 0:0.0 but not acknowledged by Root Complex
In file: (unknown):0
In process: FVP_Base_RevC_2xAEMvA.thread_p_15 @ 50521100040 ns

Warning: FVP_Base_RevC_2xAEMvA: Virtio device failed to read memory at 0x00000008f6305002
In file: (unknown):0
In process: FVP_Base_RevC_2xAEMvA.thread_p_15 @ 50521100040 ns


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