System can not receive uart_pl011 interrupt signal on FVP(qemu_cortex_a53)

hello, arm expert.

I am try to run zephyr-os on FVP(qemu_cortex_53), and when I using uart_pl011, I cannot receive the uart signal on the system. For testing the code, I run the same code on qemu_cortex_a53 platform, and it can work well, So I  guess that is there any addition fvp configuration I need to do to make the uart_pl011 can produce interrupt signal correct. Below is my fvp  parameters:

-C bp.secure_memory=0
-C bp.refcounter.non_arch_start_at_default=1
-C bp.pl011_uart0.out_file=-
-C bp.pl011_uart0.unbuffered_output=1
-C bp.terminal_0.start_telnet=1
-C bp.vis.disable_visualisation=1
-C bp.vis.rate_limit-enable=0
-C gic_distributor.ARE-fixed-to-one=1
-C gic_distributor.ITS-device-bits=16

Thanks, waiting for your reply!