HW Development Board for Arm Mali-C52

We are looking for a hardware development kit for Arm Mali-C52. I see that Arm does not provide such a platform. Are there any 3rd party solutions for this IP?

  • Arm has launched its latest image signal processor (ISP) in the Mali family, which it said is the smallest and highest performance ISP from Arm to date. Compared to its existing ISPs, the new Arm Mali-C55 offers upgraded image quality features, works under a wide range of different lighting and weather conditions, and is designed to enable maximum performance and capability in area and power constrained applications, making it suitable for smart camera and edge AI vision use cases in various markets. This includes surveillance and security cameras, which with this improved capability could then detect more critical detail, such as recognizing the exact information on license plates traveling at up to 75mph; home cameras and security systems can capture higher resolution images both inside and out; and smart home hubs can efficiently include advanced features like secure visual unlock.