Newly bought V2M MPS2+ board meet 'ERROR: FPGA did not configure' again

Hi all, this is my second time buying this board. The first was two years ago.

Refer to , the FPGA image cannot be configured because of the battery issue on the board. The tiny battery powers a small part of the FPGA to store the AES key, which is used to verify the FPGA image. The only way to fix the problem is to send back the board to Arm to reconfigure the AES key.

One month ago, the first board had this issue so we bought a new one, and created an official support case to repair the first one at the same time.

Now the first board hasn't been repaired yet, the second one got the same error.

We checked that both boards build in 2016, maybe this whole serial are built 6 years ago. Does that mean maybe the battery of this series of boards already died? We are afraid that even if we buy a third one, the battery still die in a short time.

Does anyone have any suggestions? Or how can we fast the repair process?
We are so upset to meet such an error again.

Thank you so much!