ARM N1SDP Multi-SoC(gic LPI interrupt cannot be recieved)


    I have a question on N1SDP Multi-SoC system,  the multi-SoC are managed by Hypervisor (in EL2), and I create a Virtual Machine on the Hypervisor,  the VM use CPU and Memory from NODE1, but the device (usb ) from NODE0.

   The question is I cannot recieve gic LPI interrupt for the usb (the irq requested by msix) during xhci alloc dev, so the usb probe failed. Please give some help about pcie and gic lpi for my question, thank you very much!

  • I assume you are running the Linux KVM provided by N1SDP software release as the EL2 hypervisor? If you are creating the bare-mental EL2 hypervisor, please correct me.

    Do you mean USB device can be probed by the Host Linux OS, but not be detected by the Linux Guest OS that is managed by the Linux KVM hypervisor?

    If so, you may have to take a look for the UEDI/EDK2 software layer about the GIC interrupt configuration.

    Fortunately, all the N1SDP software package is open source so that you can find the firmware, UEFI, Linux kernel and applications as open source.