Arm Compiler 6 (AC6) V6.19 and V6.18. Infineon TLE987x(Cortex M3): Running is stopped for Fixed Point calculation

Hi Community,
In the Semiconductor's Code Example, still in Init Process (set struct variables with init values), running is face the code line and stopped (I can break only after that)

/* polyspace +3 MISRA2012:10.1 [Justified:Low] "Bitwise operators on signed values are required by fixed point

* arithmetic." */

samplingTimeQ30 = (Ifx_Math_Fract32)( ( ((sint64)self->p_samplingTime_us) << (sint8)Ifx_Math_FractQFormat_q30/*30*/ ) / IFX_MATH_MICROSECONDS_TO_SECONDS/*1000000*/ ); // stopped here

The running can not run over this line:

The compiler, build, flash to Eval Board are OK:
I use µVision 5, MDK537 (compiler V6.18) or MDK538a(compiler V6.19)

Thanks for your comments!

Best Regards,