Naming rules of ARM GNU Toolchain

Hi all: 

      I am going to download the latest ARM GNU Toolchain for my 32-bit target:

     However, my host is WIN10 64-bit operating system, x64 based processor. 

     I'm not sure this 'i686' package is suit for my host?

     What 'mingw-w64' means?  

     Can anybody tell me about the new naming rules of ARM GNU Toolchain?


  • Hi there, thank you for asking a question. I have moved your question to the Compilers and Libraries forum. Many thanks.

  • Hi Andong,

    So for your case the toolchain has 'arm-gnu-toolchain-12.3rel1' This indicates the toolchain name and gcc version it corresponds to, then you have the Host 'mingw-w64-i686' and you can look this up in the Release Note (scroll down a bit on the download page) and look for Host Support table, there you'll see:

    Windows on IA-32 or x86_64

    Windows 10 or later
    mingw-w64-i686 AArch64 Bare-metal
    AArch64 Linux
    AArch32 Bare-metal
    AArch32 Linux hard-float

    So I think it will suit your host. The final bit of the name  'arm-none-eabi' is the triplet name for the AArch32 Bare-metal toolchain.

    Hope that answers your question.