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Forum FAQs

Here are some frequently asked questions about Arm Community forums.

Q: How do I search in a forum?
A: To search in a forum, type your search into Ask a question at the top center of the forum.

Q: How do I ask a question in a forum?
A: To ask a new question in a forum:

  1. Click the forum you want to ask the question in
  2. Click New in the top right of the screen. Alternatively, type in the Ask a question field at the top of the forum.

Q: What information do I include in my forum question?
A: Your forum question should include:

  • The question in the title
  • A description. If necessary, include details about what you want to do or have already tried to do.
  • Images if necessary
  • Tags

Q: How do I reply to a thread?
A: To reply to a thread:

  1. Start in the thread that you want to reply in
  2. Click Reply to reply to a specific post in a thread

Q: How do I suggest my reply as an answer?
A: Click Suggest as answer before posting a reply to a question.

Q: How does a suggested answer become an accepted answer?
A: A user can accept a suggested answer by clicking Accept answer. The original poster can accept their own answer if they know that the answer is correct.

Q: What if I see an answer that is incorrectly accepted?
A: Click Reject answer to reject an answer that is incorrectly accepted.

Q: What if I see spam or abuse in a forum?
A: If you see spam or abuse in a forum:

  1. Click Actions
  2. Select Report to a moderator
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