Is there a way to run a ds script before debugger's first access to the core's debug registers ?

I am using DStream-ST to debug a custom hardware with SSE-200 subsystem inside. We have added our custom debug components to the AP0 (Coresight APB-AP) and it includes some registers that must be configured first before accessing cores' debug registers. Currently I am able to do this using CSAT and then connect to the core. Now I am looking for way to integrate this within the ArmDS as a part of connecting to target. 

I scripted same set of transactions similar to what I do in CSAT, in a .ds script file and gave its path to the:

Debug Configurations > Debugger > Run control > Run target initialization debugger script.

Having DAP logger tool open and listening to DStream, I can see that it tries to access core debug registers first before running my script which is not desired and it fails.