Arm Development Studio plus Arm Compiler FuSa

Hi, we wish to evaluate Arm Development Studio with Arm Compiler FuSa. Could you the guide to set up Arm DS and the FuSa variant of compiler toolchain?
Can we use FuSa Compiler without installing Arm DS?  How to generate evaluation license for using FuSa variant of compiler.

  • Installed Arm DS, installed FuSa compiler. called add_toolchain.
    Then I executed suite_exec in installation directory of Arm DS.

    armclang: error: CT.CompilerEM616 is not available with the current toolkit edition and license. Check that your licensing and toolkit configuration is set up correctly, using the information available at:
    Information about this error is available at:
    General licensing information is available at:
    If you need further help, provide this complete error report to your supplier or
    - ARMLMD_LICENSE_FILE: '/home/shenj23/.arm/ds/licenses:27008@taboul-it09v'
    - LM_LICENSE_FILE: unset
    - ARM_PRODUCT_DEF: '/opt/arm/developmentstudio-2023.1/sw/mappings/eval.elmap'
    - ARM_PRODUCT_PATH: '/opt/arm/developmentstudio-2023.1/sw/mappings'
    - ARM_TOOL_VARIANT: 'ult'
    - Product location: /opt/arm/developmentstudio-2023.1/sw/mappings
    - Toolchain location: /opt/arm/ArmCompilerforEmbeddedFuSa6.16.2/bin
    - Selected tool variant: ult
    Product: Arm Development Studio Evaluation 2023.1
    Component: Arm Compiler for Embedded FuSa 6.16.2
    Tool: armclang [5e007d00]

  • Hello, as per a separate thread, the Arm Compiler for Embedded FuSa is not supported by the standard evaluation license.

    I suggest contacting your Arm representative to progress this further, it is not something we can discuss directly on a public forum.