DS failed on connecting to target HPS on SoC FPGA

Hi Experts,

On Ubuntu 22.04.4 LTS, I am using DS (version 2023.1) to connect to the Intel SOC FPGA. But I can't  connect to the target HPS.

The detailed flow is as the following. If you have any ideas or suggestion. please don't hesitate telling me.

The detailed operation flow.

I burn the FPGA with HPS configured with SPL attached.

I open a hardware connecion and configre the connection according to the FPGA type.

Found cable and connect the CortexA53_0.

Then I start the debug.

But the debug server can't connect the HPS and showed that hardware identity could not be verified.

  • Hi again Chris,

    Thanks for sending those screenshots.

    I'm pleased to see that you can now browse for the USB Blaster successfully, but sorry to hear that you are still unable to connect to the board.

    What error messages are reported by Arm DS?  Take a look in both the Commands view and the Error Log view.

    Have you confirmed with Intel whether Ubuntu is supported?
    Their documents on the web seem to show that the drivers are only supported for RedHat Linux Enterprise, not Ubuntu.

    Try running ldd on libjtag_client.so to see if this shows any issues (missing libraries, etc).

    Hope this helps