Running Python Script as Build Command

I am trying to run a Python script as my build command: 

python ${ProjDirPath}/

From within my Python script, I call the make with the two arguments:

    make_command = f"make {JOBS} {FUNCTION}", shell=True, cwd=os.getcwd())
I am getting the following errors when I do this:
"python C:\\xxx\\xxx\\xxx\\xxx\\" -j12 all
Cannot run program "python C:\xxx\xxx\xxx\xxx\": Launching failed

Error: Program "python C:\xxx\xxx\xxx\xxx\" not found in PATH

However, I have a post-build command that I use in the same fashion that runs without issue. This is the command for that:
python ${ProjDirPath}/ ${ProjName} Debug
Any thoughts would be appreciated.
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