Evaluation : ARMCC: CT.CompilerEM616 is not available with current Toolkit


I have an MDK-Proffesional License and have been using Keil uvision for development.

As part of evaluating the ARM-DS 2023.0 studio, I changed the compiler to my Arm Compiler for Embedded FuSa 6.16.2.

Then, I used the 'Import of a Keil project'.  And received this error upon compilation:

armclang: error: CT.CompilerEM616 is not available with the current toolkit edition and license.

This is the screen shot of the error:

  • From the error message, it is picking up an evaluation license for Arm Development Studio, which does not enable the FuSa compiler.

    Does File > License Management show that it is using the MDK Professional License? You may need to (re) enable it there.

    Alternatively, undefine the environment variable ARM_PRODUCT_DEF (and restart uVision IDE).