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How to import STM32 CubeIDE project into ARM DS


I am working on STM32 embedded software and I would like to know if there is a way to import a STM32 Cube IDE project into ARM DS ?

Indeed, we use ARM DS to connect to the ARM Cortex M4 Fast model located into a virtual model of the STM32.

It seems there is no easy way to export a STM32 CubeIDE into a Makefile C++ project, so, if there is a proper way to import a project into ARM DS , I would like to know.

Best Regards


  • Hello Frederic,

    Cube MX can be used together with ARM DS with the help of CMSIS framework.

    The easiest way to learn about it is to import one of the examples, for instance   CMSIS-RTOS Blinky with STM32CubeMX:

    1. Switch to CMSIS-Pack manager perspective.

    2. Select desired Device or a device family in Device view, for instance STM32F4 Series.

    3. Install corresponding device pack (Keil.STM32F4xx_DFP) and  ARM.CMSIS pack by clicking Install buttons in Packs view

    4. Switch to Examples view and navigate to CMSIS-RTOS Blinky with STM32CubeMX (MCBSTM32F400) example and import it.

    5. Switch back to C/C++ perspective
        you can build a project since the examples include code generated by CubeMX

    6. Open  CMSIS-RTOS Blinky with STM32CubeMX (MCBSTM32F400)_Release.rteconfig file.

    7. Navigate to Device.STM32Cube Framework(API).STM32CubeMX  component.
        You can rung Cube IDE by pressing "play button" next to the component's checkbox

    Cube MX workflow in ARM DS is similar to that in Keil MDK, therefore you might have a look at those docs and videos for more details:

    Best regards,