Error Installing Pack: File not found or not accessible

I recently installed Arm DS 2023.0 and am running through the Getting started with Cortex-M using Arm DS and CMSIS guide.

When I first open up using the CMSIS-Pack Manager, then attempting to install any pack, I get the following console output PKIX path building failed: unable to find valid certification path to requested target
Pack updates are completed
09:49:42: Processing completed
09:49:48: Installing Pack ARM.CMSIS.5.9.0 was not successful: File not found or not accessible:

This appears to be a new problem as last Friday (5/5/2023) I was able to install the CMSIS pack without issue.

  • Hi

    My name is Stephen and I work at Arm.

    Sorry that you've hit this problem.  Unfortunately, I can't reproduce what you see.  I just tried installing ARM.CMSIS.5.9.0 into Arm DS 2023.0 and saw:

    Pack updates are completed
    16:35:11: Processing completed
    16:38:08: Installing Pack ARM.CMSIS.5.9.0 completed

    I'm checking with colleagues on whether there is any further explanation.