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Unable to convert R52 sample project from Arm Compiler for Embedded to GCC


In order to introduce my issue, my goal is to get 2 similar projects, one compiled by Arm Compiler for Embedded 6 and the other by GCC,  both on a FVP Cortex R-52 target.

I chose to build the project on the example available when installing Arm Development Studio named startup_Cortex-R52.

Concerning the Arm Compiler part I have no issues, project works fine as I did not change anything. So I tried to build my second project, compiled by GCC based on the startup_Cortex-R52 example.

I added the GCC 10.3.1 toolchain to Arm Developement Studio and choosed this toolchain in the Tool Chain Editor of my project. I have also set up my project by giving these options in project properties for both GCC Compiler and Assembler : -mcpu=cortex-r52 -mfpu=neon-fp-armv8 -mfloat-abi=hard

Errors occur when I try to build the project and specially in the startup.s file are related to Assembler messages :

I am wondering why I faced this issues as the target is the same and Assembler language too.

If someone can help me to resolve this issue I would be grateful.

Regards, Enzo

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