Not able to capture Mali GPU events (G52) using ARM streamline

ARM streamline is working fine for CPU but for GPU events like GPUCycles and everything related to GPU is shown as 0.

And there are some warning : 

1.Mali GPU counters

Successfully probed Mali device /dev/mali0 as Mali-G52 (0x7212 r0p0), 1 L2 Slices, 128-bit Bus, 2 Shader Cores.

Mali GPU counters

GPU frequency counters not available for GPU # 0.

No Perf PMUs detected

Could not detect any Perf PMUs in /sys/bus/event_source/devices/ but the system contains recognised CPUs. The system may not support perf hardware counters. Check CONFIG_HW_PERF_EVENTS is set and that the PMU is configured in the target device tree.

Mali: MMU page fault insert pages is disabled

/sys/kernel/tracing/events/mali/mali_page_fault_insert_pages/id was not found