Arm developer studio 1.2 licence issue

I have tried opening a support case for this issue but I was redirected to this forum... Sorry if this isn't really the right place to post this... But im still wondering if anyone can help...

So i have a project involving an old robot (c2008) called "wowwee rovio". Its a wifi robot with an ip cam.

I have found this firmware for it online that i would like to try out however it is in source code form and requires compiling using ADS 1.2 apparently according to a readme in the source code (I do not know if i can use the modern version of ADS, I assume not since the code is so old there are most likely comparability issues... Please correct me if im wrong here).

Anyway so I have ADS 1.2 installed... However it requires a license file in order for it to work... I do not have a license file and this leads me to my problem. I have attempted to use the email form to request a license however i am not authorized to send emails to the address specified. I cannot find any information on how to obtain a license for ADS 1.2 besides that form in the program files.

Can i get a license for ADS 1.2? If so, how can I?

if not, is there a way of using it without one?

Can I use a modern version of ADS to compile this firmware?

I have linked the source code here below for you all to see, inside it there is some readme files describing what you need to do to build the firmware if this is of any help.