Try to load .img/.elf image file to VFP


I'm trying to simulate our current FW (in .img/.elf) with A53 model provided in Development Studio.

From the user guide, it seems that it needs to load .axf file to perform debug, therefore I'm wondering is it possible to load .img/.elf file to VFP models?

  • Hi Alan

    In Arm DS Debugger, the load-family of commands are all able to load ELF images.

    "AXF" was originally an Arm-proprietary format, but Arm Compilers now generate only ELF, so a .axf file created by them is now ELF format.

    To load a plain binary format file into an FVP model via Arm DS Debugger, use the "restore" command.  See

    ELF and binary files can also be loaded directly into FVP models when launched on the command-line, e.g.
    FVP_Base_Cortex-A53x4 -a startup_Cortex-A53MP_AC6.axf -C bp.secure_memory=false

    Hope this helps