How do I enable JTAG reset command?

Hello, I am using DS-5 with a DStream-ST probe connected to a processor with a Cortex R5 core & dual Cortex M7 cores.

I am able to connect to the R5 processor, single-step, set breakpoints, etc.

However, I am unable to issue a JTAG reset to the Cortex R5 using the "reset jtag" command.  When trying to do so I receive the error:

  "ERROR (CMD463): The reset capability jtag is not available"

If I issue the command "info capabilities", I see the following:

  Reset options

    System Reset

      Available while running == true

My debug connection is from the DStream-ST ARM JTAG 20 connector to my board and has both nTRST (pin 3) and nSRST (pin 15) connected.

Q: How do I enable the "reset capability jtag" in DS-5?

I am using DS-5 Ultimate Edition v5.29.3, Build 5293015 with an evaluation license (our corporate license expired 12/18/2021).

Q: Could this problem be related to the use of an evaluation license?

Thank you,