Foundation Model Error: Did not detect model port number


I wanted to create a new debug connection in ARM DS to the FVP model used by OP-TEE. I have access to ARM DS Silver Edition (2021.2) and imported the Foundation Model used by OP-TEE (CADI Interface, as Foundation Model does not support Iris). When I want to finish the process of adding a new model, the model launches without problems, but ARM DS prints an Error: "Did not detect model port number". I could not find any reference on how to deal with this error, so any help is appreciated.

For reference, this is the FVPconfig used by OP-TEE:

$(FOUNDATION_PATH)/models/Linux64_GCC-6.4/Foundation_Platform \
--arm-v8.0 \
--cores=4 \
--secure-memory \
--visualization \
--gicv3 \
--data="$(TF_A_PATH)/build/fvp/$(TF_A_BUILD)/bl1.bin"@0x0 \
--data="$(TF_A_PATH)/build/fvp/$(TF_A_BUILD)/fip.bin"@0x8000000 \

  • Hi

    My name is Stephen and I work at Arm.

    When importing a model into the Arm DS Debugger, the port number used by the model at the time is added into the debug configuration.

    If the port number used by the model changes on a subsequent invocation of the model, the debugger won't be able to see the model and will report the error "Did not detect model port number".

    I suggest that you add the "--print-port-number" onto the model launch command, so that the model will report the new port number it is using, and then you can check/correct the port number in the debug configuration.

    You may also want to consider adding "--cadi-server", if you'd like to connect the debugger to the model _before_ the model starts running code.

    Hope this helps,