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jython Module or method too large


I have a long flat jython file and when I run it in DStudio I run into the error:

    RuntimeException: java.lang.RuntimeException: Module or method too large

    Please provide a CPython 2.7 bytecode file (.pyc), e.g. run
    python -m py_compile C:\Users\LeilyZafari\DevelopmentStudioWorkspace\csr_jython\

I have read that jython does not accept long modules and probably by breaking the code into functions it may run (have not tried it yet).

But when I try the code as it is with the command that is suggested in the message "python -m py_compile C:\Users\LeilyZafari\DevelopmentStudioWorkspace\csr_jython\" (running it in ARM DS Command Prompt), there are no errors but the file is not executed either (at least the print statements are not printed). Am I doing something wrong?

The jython script is generated from the output of our existing python scripts, so if I can still run it as it is (without breaking it into different methods) it would be much easier.

Any help would be appreciated.