Unknown toolchain GCC 10.2.1

I am getting started with Arm Development Studio on Windows. I want to use the gcc compiler to target Cortex M4.

I downloaded gcc-arm-none-eabi-10.3-2021.07-win32.exe, installed it and added it as a toolchain in the IDE.

I am trying to build the calendar_Armv7-A_GCC example project.

When I open project properties I see:

How do I resolve the 'unknown toolchain' error please?

  • Hi David

    The calendar_Armv7-A_GCC example project is intended to be build with GCC 10.2.1, as described in the readme.

    So you could download & install GCC 10.2.1, and the project will then build within the IDE.

    Alternatively, you can build the project on the command-line, with either GCC 10.2.1 or GCC 10.3.1 using the makefile, as described in the readme.

    If you want to build the project with GCC 10.3.1 from within the IDE:

    1. Right-mouse-click on the project, then select "Properties"
    2. Expand "C/C++ Build" > "Tool Chain Editor"
    3. Untick "Display compatible toolchains only"
    4. Select "GCC 10.3.1 [arm-none-eabi]" from the pull-down list
    5. Apply & close.  You'll see a warning that project settings may be lost, but that doesn't happen for this simple project
    6. Build

    Note that the calendar_Armv7-A_GCC example is for Armv7-A, whereas Cortex-M4 is Armv7-M. Suggest you take a look at the "startup_Cortex-M4_AC6" example instead (though it is for AC6, not GCC). If you are using an M-class device only, have you considered using the Keil MDK instead? Keil MDK is recommended for M-class device development.