Error: Wrong version of armctmodel.

Hi, I am using ARM DS 2021.1 IDE with a Eval license for Cortex-A35x4 SMP platform. As there was no FVP for this platform, I downloaded the FVP library which has the needed FVP i.e. FVP_Base_Cortex-A35x4.exe. After this when I try to launch the debugger I am getting the below error

"ERROR: uncaught exception occured. Exception message follows:
Error: Wrong version of armctmodel. Version 11.14.21 (API Version 1.2) of the Portfolio was used to build the model. Please use identical major.minor versions of the Portfolio and the Tools."

I saw earlier posts with similar error but that was on DS 2020 and to do with the file eval.elmap file which I believe is fixed in DS 2021.1 version of IDE!

Any help to resolve this is much appreciated :)