Need guidance on sharing files to Linux on FVP and optimizing kernel development workflow

Hello ARM Community,

I'm currently working on kernel development with FVP, following this instructions to boot Linux. However, as BusyBox too simplistic and building binaries directly within Linux can be challenging, I'm faced with the task of transferring some test binaries to Linux.

My initial approach involves locating the BusyBox image, mounting it, and making modifications. Yet, I've encountered difficulty in finding the image. Could you please advise on how I can effectively transfer files to Linux on FVP?

Furthermore, the process of modifying the image can also cumbersome, requiring repeated mounting and unmounting each time modifications are desired. Given that I'm focused on Linux kernel development, I find myself constantly repeating the build steps outlined in the instructions and modifying the BusyBox image accordingly. This interdependency complicates the sharing process.

Could someone suggest better methods for file sharing in this context? Perhaps employing a more modern filesystem like debootstrap or utilizing NFS? I'm seeking advice on optimizing the kernel development workflow on FVP.

As a newcomer to ARM and FVP, I've extensively researched relevant documentation but have found no related topics. I'm hopeful that someone in the community can offer guidance on these matters.