Trying to target Cortex M4 simulation in aws VHI instance with Keil studio


I am trying to create a simple hello world printout in keil studio that will be directed at the VHT_MPS2_Cortex-M4 target in my aws instance. 

I created the file with the Cortex M4 as the target and took som simple code that just printed hello world and then uppload it to a git repo so i can clone it to my aws instance but when i try to run the program the following error

Warning: load application failed: 'test3/Helloworld/' (instance 'cpu_core.armcortexm4ct'):
Error in CADI: while loading application file test3/Helloworld/:
test3/Helloworld/: error while loading 'ELF' file: fread error: Is a directory

In file: /tmp/plgbuild/abs_build/1077502_57244/trunk/work/fastsim/Framework/scx/SCXExportedVirtualSubsystem.cpp:250