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Possible Documentation error in KBA Article ID: KA001775?


I was going through KBA Article ID: KA001775, and in the answer to the question "Will the DMA carry out byte-sized bursts if the width is defined as byte wide, and INCR type bursts if burst length is defined as 4,8 etc?"  in the second para it is mentioned:

"For example, if the width is 8-bits and a DMAC SINGLE request is made, then the DMA will carry out a single transfer of 8-bits.
If the width is say 16- bits and source burst size is 256, and the DMAC BURST request (and perhaps DMAC SINGLE request) is used, then the DMAC will carry out 256 8-bit transfers."

Shouldn't the DMAC carry out 256 16-bit transfers?

Thanks in advance,