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Using stage 2 translation for VMs and stage 1 translation for native applications in the same system

Hi Everyone,

I have a virtualized environment (Armv8) where I have a virtual machine (EL1 and EL0) alongside some "native" applications running in EL0. I am using 2nd stage translation for isolation of both the VM and the native apps, and the VM is controlling  the EL1,  EL0 translation regime. However, one native application requires larger address sizes than the maximum intermediate physical address size. I would like to run these applications with only one translation stage so they could use address sizes larger (48) than the physical address sizes (44).

Is it possible to disable stage 2 translation from the hypervisor before executing this application and re-enable it before executing the VMs? Does anyone see any potential problems with this approach and is anyone aware of is it possible to achieve this differently?

Thanks in advance!