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What is the default FPU in ARMv8?

I have a couple of question about the default FPU in ARMv8. In some places is implied that the FPU and the SIMD engine is same unit, implying that the FPU and the NEON share the same pipeline execution state(s). But in other places is implied that NEON and VFP are different units: NEON being the AdvSIMD engine and VFP the FPU. Like the ARM website for Cortex-A53, that implies they are separated units (looking at the image) and hints that VFPv4 is the Floating-Point Unit. 

Some people say that the AdvSIMD is the FPU for AArch64 and VFPv3 is the FPU for AArch32, but I have my doubts. 

For instance, if I run a FP instruction, like FADD:

FADD S0, S1, S2

In which unit will it be executed? VFP or NEON/AdvSIMD? 

I searched for some days, and don't got much luck., so I would me honored and grateful if someone would help me.

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