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Memory attribute configuration in SMMU-v3


I am currently working on enabling SMMU-v3 in hypervisor, I notice in SMMU-v3, there are several memory attribute configuration options.

1.  SMMU_CR1

a.  TABLE_SH for  Table access Shareability

b.  TABLE_OC for  Table access Outer Cacheability

c.  TABLE_IC for  Table access Inner Cancheability.

same configurations for queue access( QUEUE_SH,  QUEUE_OC,  QUEUE_IC)

  • I am not sure here table access by CPU or SMMU? and the cacheablity of which agent, the CPU or SMMU?
  • In linux smmu-v3 driver, it configures the SMMU_CR1 with code


    /* CR1 (table and queue memory attributes) */

    reg = (CR1_SH_ISH << CR1_TABLE_SH_SHIFT) |

          (CR1_CACHE_WB << CR1_TABLE_OC_SHIFT) |

          (CR1_CACHE_WB << CR1_TABLE_IC_SHIFT) |

          (CR1_SH_ISH << CR1_QUEUE_SH_SHIFT) |

          (CR1_CACHE_WB << CR1_QUEUE_OC_SHIFT) |

          (CR1_CACHE_WB << CR1_QUEUE_IC_SHIFT);

    writel_relaxed(reg, smmu->base + ARM_SMMU_CR1);


always configure the register with the dedicated value without thinking about  SMMU_IDR0  COHACC, bit [4]( Coherent access supported to translations, structures and queues.), if there is one SMMU with COHACC as 0, do not support Coherent access, it can only use non-cacheable memory, but the cr1 always configured with cacheablity, does the SMMU works properly?

2. STE

a.  [169:168] S2IR0 for  Inner region Cacheability for stage 2 translation table access.

b.  [171:170] S2OR0 for  Outer region Cacheability for stage 2 translation table access.

c.  [173:172] S2SH0 for  Shareability for stage 2 translation table access

  • the same question for stage2 ttb, the configure refers to cacheablity of which side (CPU or SMMU)?
  • In my hypervisor, SMMU use the stage 2 ttb created by CPU, should the configure the same shareablity and cacheablity? If SMMU do not support Coherent access, how to configure the bits?



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