Coredump backtrace frames

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I am trying to get backtrace from a custom coredump handler, on gdb-multi for the c Program running on ARM Cortex R5, on FreeRTOS OS.

Tool chain using is tool chain using is: gcc-arm-none-eabi-9-2019-q4-major-x86_64-linux.
The compiler optimization level is kept at -O2, with -fomit-frame-pointer option during generating the .elf file.

The coredump is catpured when an exception entered, with the register states in the previous processor state( i.e in system mode where the exception has taken).

The Stack Pointer (SP/r13), Link Register (LR/r14) values are copied by switching from exception mode to System mode.
PC(r15) is reduced by offset value #8, when the exception (Data abort) is entered.

When the coredump is loaded for analying where the crash has entered, The backtrace is printing only top 2 frames and remaining frames are not printing.

1. There are only top 2 frames coming in the back trace (from the point where the crash happened).
The other frames are not getting listed by gdb.
Does the coredump capture need to provide any extra information for getting the complete frames?

2. The order of input parameters passed to the function call are reversed when optimization (e.g -O2) is enbled.

Any change need to be added in coredump capture that takes care of giving the correct order of input parameters?

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