Debugging of multiple target chips based on JTAG Daisy-Chain connection

Question 1: Jlink is connected to the two chips of the Cortex-M3 core through the JTAG Daisy-Chain connection. Keil can recognize the ID, but debugging and downloading are unsuccessful, unless the nRESET pin of the chip is connected to the nRST pin of Jlink, but the above The connection method is stated in the Jlink document to connect the TRESET pin of Jlink. Why?

Question 2: Jlink connects two cored chips through the JTAG Daisy-Chain connection. One chip is the ARM Cortex-M3 core, and the other is the RISCV core. Keil cannot recognize the chip ID of the ARM core, but it can be recognized by JFlash Two chip IDs, why?


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