How to debug stm32-Cortex M in production mode for stm32mp157-EV1?

Hi guys

I would like to debug stm32f7 on Stm32mp157_EV1 board via stlink.


according to page 5 of

i connected st link then went to Project, Selected St-link and then went to setting dialog,

the text box for AP was disable and didnt show any thing!!!!

It is written in the help file: "On the Pack tab, make sure “Debug Description Enable” is unchecked "

 When i unchecked the enable pack in pack tap, showed not found target in SWDevice!!!

then when i check pack, device find.

-MDK version: 5.29.00

-30 days Licence


i dont know what shall i do !

Thanks in advance

Any help would be greatly appreciated

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