new project failed to run debug session and can not load AXF file

I met on odd experience when create a new uVision project by using NXP LPC1114.

I have sample uVision project (.uvproj extension), then build, download and debug it. Everything work fine. In debug session, I can step into, step over.

When I create new uVision project, it contains system created startup_LPC11xx.s. I added all sample files, build and download both successfully. When I try to start debug session, it terminated and without any error message (previous version of uVision V4.03 prompted "cannot load axf file").

I have already read question on cannot load axf file, but such method cannot solve my problem.,/

All environment settings are same in sample and my new uVision project.

Is there a limitation on create new project when using Evaluation License?
Many thanks.

My IDE-Version:
µVision V4.23.00.0
Copyright (C) 2011 ARM Ltd and ARM Germany GmbH. All rights reserved.

Tool Version Numbers:
Toolchain: MDK-Lite Version: 4.23
Toolchain Path: C:\Keil\ARM\BIN40
C Compiler: Armcc.Exe V4.1.0.894 [Evaluation]
Assembler: Armasm.Exe V4.1.0.894 [Evaluation]
Linker/Locator: ArmLink.Exe V4.1.0.894 [Evaluation]
Librarian: ArmAr.Exe V4.1.0.894 [Evaluation]
Hex Converter: FromElf.Exe V4.1.0.894 [Evaluation]
Dialog DLL: DARMP1.DLL V1.22.0.6
Target DLL: Segger\JL2CM3.dll
Dialog DLL: TARMP1.DLL V1.22.0.6

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