Debug ok but hexfile not.


I am playing with demo version of the Keil µVersion 2.03 and the
Infineon SK-167SR. Also , I am not very familair with in C, which
makes thinks not easier for me.
For me the problem is rather strange. During a debug session
almost every thing is runining fine, but if i let the same programm
run from the flash of the board it does not.

here is (not) working code

void main(void)
unsigned char num_str[6];

... do soemthing ...


void write_string(char * s, unsigned char line)
unsigned int i;
if (line == 1) LCD_CNTL = 0x80;
for (i=0; i<strlen(s); i++)
LCD_DATA = s[i];

During debuging this is working perfectly. It shows some data on a LCD,
but the same program running from flash, writes "only" black squares
on the LCD (the complete fist line on my 20*2 LCD).

For me it is quite hard to find the reason for this behavior.

thanks in advance,

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