Library Files ( NEED HELP!!)

I'm trying to create my own library file and include it into my project

1)I've written two function in separate files abc.A51 and xyz.A51
2)These files contain only 1 functions each
abc() and xyz() respectively
2)Then I created a project called "MyLib"
3)Then I included both abc.A51 and xyz.A51 in the project
4)Then I compiled it to a "library"
5)So I obtained the library file MyLib.lib and also abc.obj, xyz.obj
6)Now I create another project "MyProj" and a main.c file

My question is how do I include the library file MyLib.lib into this main.c file in the new project?
Note that originally my function was in assembly... so i didnt have header file for function prototype.
Also, If my main.c file uses only one of the functions ( example abc() ) will my final object file take less space compared to if i used both the functions ( abc() and xyz() )

Thank You

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