Trouble profiling with streamline

I'm trying to go through the steps of getting started with Streamline but I got stuck on the gatorme command : instruction says "On the host, run the gatorme script to set up the target device so that Streamline can connect to it. Use the following command-line arguments:.."

Following that I am passing the following command: gatorme com.arm.malideveloper.openglessdk.texturecube G72 gatord and I get the following issue:

gatord: 1 file pushed. 11.5 MB/s (2490344 bytes in 0.207s)
Streamline gatord version 700 (Streamline v7.0)
Using unix domain socket instead of TCP connection
Manual step: Capture in Streamline, and then press any key.
Press any key to continue . . . Ignoring user provided Mali device type

pkill: TERM->8356: Operation not permitted

I'm not really sure where it comes from. The target device is a samsung s9 with a mali-G72 gpu and usb debugging is enabled and the adb sees the device.


  • The setup seems to be working here. At the point the script says "Manual step: Capture in Streamline, and then press any key." you need to switch to the Streamline GUI and connect to the target at the address "Localhost:4242". 

    Only "Press a key to continue ..." in the script console once you have finished capturing data in Streamline; that tells the script to clean up (stop gator and remove it from the device). The error from pkill is benign (the script tries to kill gatord two different ways - it will print that error if one of them fails, even if the other succeeded).

    Kind regards, 

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