Own startup code with own initializers


i am interested in programming our own startup code because i cannot see what __main does exactly.

For GCC i had already programmed this but we need to use Keil (ARMCLANG) this time. The linker script for GCC is easier to understand for me than the scatter file.

I found this information [1] to get the symbols.

Does anyone have a good document for me to start at?

At the moment i would start with zeroing at address 'Image$$region_name$$ZI$$Base' for all regions.

Copying 'Load$$region_name$$RO$$Base' to 'Image$$region_name$$RO$$Base' with 'Image$$region_name$$RO$$Length' for all regions.

Now i have to understand how i have to decompress the RW data [2].

Any help is welcome :-)

Kind regards


[1] https://www.keil.com/support/man/docs/armlink/armlink_pge1362065953229.htm

[2] www.keil.com/.../armlink_pge1362065930871.htm

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