Keil_v5 stopped recognizing Segger debugger

My keil_v5 compiler is not connecting with the J-link / J-trace Cortex debug selection. When I choose SELECT it displays Error!!! Cannot load driver C:\Keil-v5\Arm\Segger\JL2CM3.dll.

I do see that driver at that path location. This setup worked at one time, but since then my HDD crashed. I needed to recover everything from my HDD and put it on a SSD. I have no problems with other Keil projects connecting through a ST-Link debugger to Nucleo boards, so I think the Keil set-up is fine. There error occurs the instant I hit the Project Options--> Debugger --> Settings button.

I can execute J-link.exe in the same folder and, via  the command line connect to my MCU through the USB J-tag and successfully identify the attached devices.

Any ideas what could be wrong in my setup? Anything else I can check?



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